VitaLogik 4000

Compact Mobile Monitor

The VitaLogik 4000 Series is a compact transport pre-configured multi-parameter patient monitoring system with a 12.1″ flat screen display and a battery back-up that suits a wide range of patient applications for Adults, Pediatrics & Neonates.
The VitaLogik 4000 Series provides a solution for the whole hospital area with either a LAN or WLAN connectivity to the MenneNet Network.

Monitor Configuration and Options

  • VitaLogik 4000/4500 is a portable 12”, multi-parameter vital signs monitor
  • Optional Built-in recorder
  • Optional Touch screen
  • Available in two versions:
    • VitaLogik 4000, a non invasive monitor with ECG, Respiration, SpO2, NIBP and Temperature
    • (VitaLogik 4500 invasive monitor with additional 2 Invasive Blood Pressure channels (optional: 4 IBP and Thermo-Dilution Cardiac Output.
  • Optional side stream EtCO2.
  • Line operated with 3 hours (optional 6 hours) battery backup
  • Data transfer to central station and printer via wired or wireless (optional) Local Area Network
  • Long term memory

Features and Benefits

    • Long-term data storage:
      • Graphic Trend
      • Numeric Charts
      • ECG & Vital Signs Waveform Full Disclosare
    • LAN connectivity
    • Wireless LAN Option
    • MenneNet – Interface to Nurse Central Station
    • Full Connectivity with Medical IT Systems
    • Easily customizable for optimal clinical use
    • Demo Mode
    • User friendly, intuitive interface, including easy access “Quick Keys”
    • Special features – CRG, Remote View Alarm Watch
    • Multiple Interface Options – Ventilators, Anesthesia machine, Anesthetic Gases, PiCCO, Vigilance/Vigileo, Radical 7, BIS
    • Customizing Tools – Monitor profile, Quickeys, Permission editor
    • Applications: Mobile Patient Monitoring, Emergency Room, Trauma Unit, Operating Room & Recovery, Neonatal ICU, Respiratory ICU, Cardiac ICU