Menntor X9

Multi-parameter modular patient monitor

The Menntor X9 is a pre-configured multi-parameter patient bedside monitor, which provides full monitoring capabilities with a state of the art 19’’ touch screen display.

It effectively allows monitoring a wide range of patient conditions in many different areas of the hospital, with connectivity options to hospital network and vast interactive storage.

It has the same easy-to-use interface of all of Mennen Medical’s vital signs monitoring, with a slim all-in-one monitor for space saving.

The Menntor X9 supports Mennen Medical’s Ensemble nurses station and the aEEG CerebraLogik.

Features and Benefits


  • Special features – CRG, Alarm Watch
  • CerebraLogik line – Dual Channel EEG & aEEG
  • Multiple Interface Options –Anesthesia machine, PiCCO, BIS
  • Customizing Tools,
  • “Quick keys”, Permission Editor


  • Long-term data storage
  • LAN connectivity / Wireless LAN Option
  • Interface to Nurse Central Station
  • Full Connectivity with Hospital network
  • Easily customizable for optimal clinical use
  • User friendly, intuitive interface