MenneNet Solutions :Feature

  • HL7 based solution
  • Query from the monitor to HIS for patient demographic information.
  • No additional software required for the monitors.
  • One time synchronized patient selection on both the MenneNet and the monitor.
  • Automatic communication verification & recovery.
  • Laboratory results and data display in tabular chart formats.
  • Backup of the lab data stored on the MenneNet Server.
  • Laboratory results display is fully configurable at the ward level in pre-defined tables.
  • New lab tests are automatically recognized by the MenneNet Server.
  • Continuous queries by the monitor to the MenneNet Server for all the laboratory results
  • Message notification of new lab results automatically sent to the relevant monitor.

Mennen Medical has wide experience and knowledge with systems connectivity, providing each hospital with it’s specific integrated requirements and unique propertie.

We Follow Every Beat of Your Heart
From admission until discharge

Mennen Medical has developed a wide area network solution, providing the constant flow of patient data throughout the hospital network with remote access to the monitors from any location.


Acquiring Demographic Data


  • VS Report
  • ECG Report
  • Remote Access
  • Remote View
  • Laboratory Results
  • Alarms Messages


  • Final Report
  • Monitor Data
  • Archive
  • Monitor
  • Maintenance

MenneNet – Making the connection