Horizon XVu

Hemodynamic Monitoring

The Horizon XVu Cathlab system is a state-of-the-art computerized laboratory, which monitors and analyzes patient data acquired from cardiac catheterization / peripheral and other associated diagnostic procedures.

In addition to creating a fully documented case history, the hemodynamic data, waveform, gradients and FFR, can be stored, recorded, analyzed and presented in a variety of report formats.

The Horizon XVu, embedded with a fast performance, an ultra-modern user interface and exceptionally accurate analysis system, is designed for network connectivity and efficient workflow integration as part of Mennen Medical’s total IT solution.

The Horizon XVu includes integrated Pediatric Package, Peripheral Vessel Management Package and Hepatic Pressures Package. Combined with user-friendly windows and an intuitive graphic interface, the system enables various layouts to cardiac and other angiography procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple procedure oriented tasks
  • Complete Hemodynamic Analysis & Calculations
  • Integrated ST Analysis
  • Peripheral Package
  • Hepatic Package