HemoCIS plus

Cardiology Information System

The HemoCIS plus is a powerful database that is capable of storing a large volume of patient data.

It provides easy, rapid and efficient data access to patient medical report system.

The HemoCIS plus software product is a database with interfacing capabilities to Mennen Medical’s Horizon XVu, Monitor Family and Hospital Information Systems.

The HemoCIS plus together with a server provides several bidirectional connectivity capabilities.
It enables users to connect several Horizon XVu cardiac procedure rooms to various systems, such as: HL7, DICOM work list, Laboratory Information System (LIS). PACS etc.

The HemoCIS plus also interfaces to various medical devices used in the Cath-Lab, and provides various medical administrations services, such as Patient File Management, Scheduling, Inventory and Billing.

Features and Benefits

• Bidirectional communication with Hospital Information Systems in various protocols.
• Interface to Mennen’s XVu systems.
• Physician report builder for unlimited customization of reports.
• Unlimited database query capability
• Hemodynamic calculations and waveforms
• Locally acquired images available for inclusion in the patient record
• Coronary artery diagnostic and intervention findings
• Designated field for free text summary and recommendations
• Incorporation of all Peripheral Diagrams
• Flexible statistical report generator
• Inventory and Billing package
• Scheduling module
• Interface to Mennen’s Patient Monitors