Gerium Medical has developed a new generation non-invasive bilirubin meter for newborns called BiliCareTM.

The technology of the device is based on a field in physics called spectroscopy, meaning measuring different substances using light at different wave lengths (visible or non-visible light).

Bilicare measures the level of bilirubin in the newborn by transmitting light at different wave lengths into the newborn’s tissue and measures the intensity of those wave lengths when they come out of the tissue.

By comparing the intensity of the light before it enters the tissue with the intensity of the light after it left the tissue, it is possible to calculate the amount of light absorbed by the bilirubin.
According to this amount it is possible to calculate, using a distinct algorithm, the amount of bilirubin in the newborn’s blood in units of dl/mg.

Part of Gerium Medical’s technological advantage (which is patented) is the fact that during the measurement the BiliCare device is able to also measure the thickness of the tissue, which contributes to achieving a very precise measurement.

*The product have CE mark.