Gerium’s mission is to develop state of the art medical devices in the field of medical optics.

We measure, in a non-invasive matter, different substances from the human body.

Our product BiliCareTM, measures bilirubin in newborns in a non-invasive method.

Future products would measure other substances from other parts of the human body.

The objective of the company has a business and social orientation. Business wise we would like to be a leading company and offer state of the art quality solutions and succeed as a business. Social wise, we would like to see the public benefit from our solutions and make the health care treatments shorter, cheaper, easier, safer and more comfortable for the patient and the doctor.

In the end, it comes down to saving lives: “Save one life and it is as if you’ve saved the entire world”.

Gerium medical was acquired by Redworth Israel Ltd in 2015 and is now operating under Mennen Medical group.

The BiliCareTM is used in hospitals worldwide.