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What are the Characteristics of VitaLogik monitors?

VitaLogik monitors are all configured monitors:

VitaLogik 5000, configured patient monitor with separate display
VitaLogik 4000, configured, non invasive, patient monitor with built-in 12″ display
VitaLogik 4500, configured, invasive, patient monitor with built-in 12″ displa
VitaLogik 4000, configured, non invasive, patient monitor with built-in 12″ display
VitaLogik 6000, configured, invasive, patient monitor with built-in 15″ display

What are the Characteristics of Menntor X7 monitors?

A:  Menntor X7 is a modular, invasive, patient monitor with built-in 15″ display, with a Multi Parameter, plug in Module (MPM)

How does the MPM function when out of host?

MPM has an optional display of 5.8″ , with the display the MPM can be used during patient transfer, to monitor the patient and then merge the data from the transfer with data recorder on the host.

Does the Enguard remote monitor have full control on bedside monitors?

  1. In System Setup it is possible to set the Enguard to Read only mode, in which case the Enguard will enable only to view data from the bedside monitors and not modify the bedside display
  2. If in system setup the Enguard is set to Read/Write all monitor functions that do not require action as the bedside can be controlled and modified from the Enguard.
  3. The following functions can NOT be performed via the Enguard:
  • Invasive BP Zeroing
  • PCWP procedure
  • CVP from PAP
  • Cardiac Output Acquire
  • Timer
  • Freeze
  • NIBP Leakage test
  • EtCO2 Calibration

Can the Enguard view data of saved patients?

The Enguard has a “View Saved” mode, to view save patients data from any monitor on the network.

How many beds can be monitored at the Ensemble Central Station?

Up to 16 beds

How many waveforms can be viewed at the Ensemble?

Between 8 and 2 per bed, depending on number of beds – See table below:

# of beds full

# of waveforms   # of beds split

# of waveforms




























Does the Ensemble store patient data?

All patient data is stored at the bedside monitor, the Ensemble has full control, and view of the bedside monitors.

Do we need the Ensemble Central station to print patient data?

No, patient data is printed by the monitors via the LAN network, the Ensemble can command any monitor to send data to the printer.

Can the Ensemble control bedside function?

In System Setup it is possible to set the Ensemble to Read/Right or to Read only mode

What data will be lost, if the Ensemble central station looses power?

No data will be lost, since the patient data is stored in the bedside monitors and not in the central, that only provides access to the data stored at the bedside monitors

Does monitors provide analog output of vital signs waveforms?

Yes, Analog output is an option that has to be ordered with the monitor. The signal amplitudes are shown in the table below:




1 Volt p-p / 1 mV


1 Volt p-p / 1 mV

ECG Sync

5v VDC

ART Pressure

1Volt / 100mHg

How is Cardiac output measured by Mennen Medical monitors?

CO can be calculated by Fick method or measured by Thermal Dilution measurement method

Could CO be measured in patient in Hypothermia or Hyperthermia?

The CO will work for body temperature  between 27 and 45  degree Celsius . Providing that injectate temperature is sufficiently low. In Hypothermic patient the injectate must be at zero temperature (Iced saline).

Could CO be measured in patient with unstable blood temperature?

To start a measurement we need to have a stable temperature with less then 0.07 degree change for at least 5 seconds.
To perform a measurement the core body temperature should be stable to better than 0.1 degree for the measurement period (10 – 20 seconds from injection).

Explanation : The measurement itself takes about 10 to 20 seconds during which the CO curve is built. The amplitude of the curve may be of about 0.5 degree. This means that to get a good measurement the core body temperature should be stable to better than 0.1 degree for that period.

Is CO compatible with all CO Swan–Ganz catheters?

YES ,What we need to know is the “Computation Constant”  that is provided by   the Swan-Ganz catheter manufacturer for each catheter and injectate volume and  temperature.

Are Mennen Medical monitor compatible with the various injectate methods?

Two different interface cables are available for CO.
One for COSET injection sets and one for YSI 400 temperature sensor.

Do the monitors have Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO) measurement?

No, the monitor do not provide CCO. The monitor could display CCO by interface with Vigilence, Vigileo or PiCCO.

In what forms Mennen Medical monitors store patient data?

Numeric data is stored numerically in Charts, and stored graphically in Trend.
ECG Waveforms are stored in Full Disclosure.
Vital signs waveforms are stored in Overview.

For how long can a monitor store patient data?

The duration of data storage depend on the memory device:


VitaLogik 5000

1GB 8GB 16GB


Tabular Chart

45 days

10 days 80 days 80 days 80 days

Graphic Trend

45 days 10 days 80 days 80 days

80 days

Full Disclosure

28 days > 8 hours > 5 days > 8 days

> 8 days


28 days > 8 hours > 5 days > 8 days > 8 days
Event strip 75 75 75 75 75
Saved patients 10 3 10 10 10
aEEG Not supported Not supported Not supported 8 days 8 days
aEEG Sections Not supported Not supported Not supported 50 50
aEEG Saved patients Not supported Not supported Not supported 3 8

At what resolution is patient data stored in the monitor?

Vital signs are stored in the monitor at 1 minute resolution.
Chart: Data can be displayed as numeric Chart at selected time intervals (1 to 120 minutes).
Trend: Data can be displayed as graphic Trend with 30 minutes to 96 hours per panel.

How are waveforms stored in the patient monitor?

Full Disclosure:  ECG Full Disclosure waveforms are displayed on 10 minute panels of single channel, or  zoom in to10 second panels of 7 channels, or  4 second panels of 12 lead ECG.
Overview: Waveforms of all vital signs are displayed as 10 seconds panels

How are QRS marked in Full disclosure?

In “Zoom in” Full disclosure QRS are marked with RR interval in mSec as:
Dot: Normal, supra-ventricular QRS
V: Ventricular QRS

Beats with doubtful morphology where the algorithm does not come to conclusive definition
a  =  Abnormal QRS
b  =  Borderline QRS
c  =  Close to Normal QRS
B =  Bundle Branch Block (Regular, slow rate with Ventricular morphology)

Is patient data saved after patient discharge from the monitor?

Numeric Vital Signs and 20 second event strips of all waveforms can be saved after discharge. Check monitor specification for the data volume of Saved and Discharged patient data.

How are Event strips stored in the monitor?

75 Event strips can be stored, either by using the “Event Strip” or from full disclosure zoom un menu, or as response to alarm.

What is the duration of an Event Strip?

20 seconds of Full disclosure and Overview.

How many event strips can be stored?


What data is saved by "Save & Discharge"?

Chart, Trend and  Event Strips.

How is alarm displayed?

Alarm is displayed by color background to the numeric vital signs out of limits and by alarm sound according to the risk level:



Sound Mennen Color

Flashing frequency


High – Clinical High Red flashing

0,4 Hz to 2,8 Hz 20 % to 60 % on


Medium – Clinical Medium Red flashing

0,4 Hz to 2,8 Hz 20 % to 60 % on


low – Clinical Low Yellow Flashing

0,4 Hz to 0,8 Hz 20 % to 60 % on


Very low – clinical Low Yellow constant  
T Technical Low



Could alarm be silenced?

Yes, Alarm silencing is for a limited period.

Could alarm be set to Off?

Alarm can be set to off for a limited period.

Are the alarms Latched (saved after the parameter returned to normal)?

In System Setup, it is possible to set the alarms of each of the vital signs to Latched.

How is the latched alarm reset?

Silence key will also unlatch the alarm.

Are the monitor compatible with all Mennen Medical ECG cables?

All monitors are recognizing the 3 lead and 5 lead cables. To use 12 lead cable the monitor must include 12 lead option.

What are the colors of ECG leads?

ECG cables are available in either European or USA colors – See table below:


European – IEC Standard

USA – AHA Standard


Red White


Yellow Black
LL Green


RL Black



White/Red Brown/Red


White/Yellow Brown/Yellow


White/Green Brown/Green
V4 White/Brown


V5 White/Black


V6 White/Violet


Can ECG cables be sterilized?

Yes, sterilize with Ethylene Oxide gas. Do not use high temperature autoclave.

What is the frequency response of the different ECG filters?

See table below:  The default filter is “Monitoring”

Filter Frequency Response Hz
Low  limit High limit


0.05 150
Monitoring 0.5


ST 0.05





Diagnostic Filter (0.05 – 150 Hz)
Monitor Filter (0.5 – 40 Hz)
ST Filter (0.05 – 40 Hz)
Exercise Filter ( 1 – 25 Hz)

How is Heart Rate (HR) calculated and displayed?

HR is averaged from a series of RR intervals and displayed every second the RR averaging formula is :
New Average = 3/4 old Average + 1/4  New value
HR = 60,000 / RR average [mSec]

Is 12 lead diagnostic ECC from chest leads same as 12 lead diagnostic ECC from limb leads?

No, Putting limb leads on the chest, may create a different vector directions compared to electrodes set on the limbs.

Does the patient monitor detect Arrhythmia?

Yes, the monitor uses the two top displayed ECG leads to detect arrhythmia.

Which leads are used to detect ST level?

ST level is measured on each of the ECG leads.

Could the ST measurement point be manually modified?

The default ST point is J+60 mSec. , it can be change manually.

Is it possible to compare the ECG shape at different time points?

ST  Watch panel enables to compare real time PQRST complex with up to three reference complexes.

Does the monitor detect Pacemaker beats?

Yes, pacemaker artifacts are marked by a red line.

Can ECG cables be sterilized?

Yes, sterilize with Ethylene Oxide gas. Do not use high temperature autoclave.

Does Microstream and MicroPod require calibration?

The only parameter that require calibration is Microstream or MicroPod that measure EtCO2.
The EtCO2 requires calibration after 1200 hours from first activation and then annually or after 4000 hours of use.
Use a gas canister of  5%CO2, 20% O2, Balanced with N2 for validation.

Is EtCO2 representing reliably the blood pCO2?

CO2 in alveolar air is balanced with pCO2 in the blood.
EtCO2, the end tidal CO2 is assumed to reach equilibrium  with the blood CO2 at high respiration rates the CO2 curve does not reach plateau and thus does not represent the alveolar air. Due to the high neonatal respiration rate, this situation is typical to neonatal EtCO2 measurement.

How is respiration measured?

Respiration is measured by chest impedance between LA-RA or RA-LL ECG electrodes.

What is the difference between Respiration Rate (RR) and Apnea?

RR is measured by number of Breath per minute, while apnea is measure by time without a breath

Can respiration be monitored in parallel with EtCO2?

No, when EtCO2 is monitored the RR is taken from the CO2 monitor and respiration from electrode impedance is disabled.