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Which hospital setting is the Horizon XVu used?

The Horizon Xvu is used in a catheterization laboratory (cath lab). These are is an examination room in a hospital or clinic with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found.

What is the use of the Horizon Xvu in the Cath lab?

The Horizon Xvu Hemodynamic monitoring system directly measures blood pressure from inside the veins, heart and arteries. It also calculates blood flow and saturations. In addition, the Horizon Xvu has interfaces to help document diagnostic catheterizations, coronary, peripheral and hepatic procedures. This may include charting, device usage, specific site identification, fractional flow reserve (FFR), sheath exchanges, and automatic timers to record balloon inflation time and pressures applied and a coronary tree diagram for procedure documentation. The data gathered by the system helps speed workflow by automatically calculating hemodynamic information and by generating reports. The systems can be customized to each cath lab’s needs.

What Language does the software appear?

The software can be installed in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew.

What Patient can I use the system on?

The Horizon Xvu can be used on all cath lab populations. Ranging from Adult patients to the pediatric population. Our Pediatric Software has been developed closely with pediatric cardiologists and is state of the art in performance and ease of use.

What is the system comprised of?

The system has a small, compact Cardiac Front End (CFE) for connecting the Vital sign connectors in the treatment room and two screens for the physician in the treatment room; two screens and a PC in the control room are for the use of the technician/nurse. A Tablet can be purchased with proprietary software for easy control of the system by the physician.

What Interface does the Horizon XVu Connect to?

The Horizon Xvu can be connected to Hospital Information systems (HIS) and receive DICOM worklists or HL7 ADT information , to Xray systems (inbound DICOM images) and can export information as PDF, HL7 or XML reports. The Horizon Xvu can also be connected to Mennen’ Proprietary Information system called HemoCIS plus.

Can the system calculate Cardiac Output?

Yes, The system can calculate Cardiac Output using the Fick method or by thermodilution.

Can the System calculate FFR?

Yes, the system can be connected to the Volcano or RADI wires and calculate online FFR measurements and present them graphically.

Which hospital setting is the HemoCIS plus used?

The HemoCIS plus is used in a catheterization laboratory equipped with a Horizon XVu hemodynamic system. The HemoCIS plus is a powerful database that is capable of storing a large volume of patient data. In addition, it provides easy, rapid and efficient data access to patient medical report system.

What are the capabilities of the HemoCIS plus system?

The HemoCIS plus with a server provides several bidirectional connectivity capabilities. This system enables users to connect several Horizon XVu cardiac procedure rooms to: HIS ADT by HL7, DICOM worklist, Laboratory Information System (LIS), PACS, Hospital Billing Systems, Reporting by HL7 and XML.

Is there a possibility to issue statistical reports?

The HemoCIS data base is able to mine the data and use it for pre configured statistical reports, according to the customer requests.

What kind of reports can ve issed by the HemoCIS plus?

The system is capable to issue many types of reports, such as: Physician report, summary report, chronological report, statistical report, billing report etc.