Making the connection

Mennen Medical has developed a wide area network solution providing the constant flow of patient data throughout the hospital and remote access to monitors from any location

Related Products MenneNet

MenneNet’s (Mennen Network) comprehensive solution addresses the increasing demands for integration and connectivity of all its monitoring devices using the LAN network and web connectivity in the hospital.

Mennen Medical Monitor WEB Portal

Mennen Medical Monitor WEB Portal is an advanced proprietary software application on the Mennen server that provides clinicians access to patient data from any location using the hopsitars web internetiintranet connection. The Web Portal software application displays real time monitored patients and previously “Saved & Discharged’ patients in remote view.

Envoy Explorer

Envoy Explorer software connectivity between a PC to the lylenneNet enables viewing and storing of vital signs data from any EnvoyNitalogik monitor on the network.

Enguardview Workstation

A comprehensive Central Nurse Station

Menhen’s central monitoring concept supports full remote viewing and interactivity with the bedside patient monitor, enabling full viewing and printing of real time and stored information. The Enguardview workstation provides the full range of features that appear on the bedside monitors, including Alarms, Full Disclosure, ST Segments Analysis, Waveform Overview, Charts and Arrhythmia&

Clinical Viewing Panels

  • Patient Demographics
  • Full Disclosure
  • Graphic Trend
  • Event strips

Ensemble to Enguard Link

Select a patient on the Ensemble for a bedside review and control on the Enguard monitor


Central Nurse Station

Product Feature Highlights

  • Display of up to 16 monitored beds
  • Up tal 2 user defined software keys
  • Menu customization by permission
  • Free or fixed preconfigured setup
  • Display bed or vital sign waveform by color
  • 2 – 8 waveforms per bed
  • Full access to patient data – FD, charts and trends


Remote Monitor

Product Feature Highlights

  • Remote view of any bed
  • Remote control of any had
  • Full access to patent data – FD, charts and trends
  • Recall of saved patient from any monitor
  • Retrospective event view for current and saved patient

S beds display with full chart panel open

Full Panel display of remote bed sho.A.:ng multi-lead ECG Full disclosure

16 monitored beds display showing large FIRvital signs parameters and two waveforms death patient bed

16 monitored beds display showing large FIRvital signs parameters and two waveforms death patient bed

On-line view of remote patient monitor on Enguard

Full Disclosure Eveni Strip in Saved Patient Mode

Chart in Saved Patient Mode