Electrophysiology Monitoring System

The EMS-XL is a computerized Cardiac Electrophysiological measurement system, intended to be used for performing computerized Cardiac Electrophysiological and Ablation procedures.

Mennen Medical’s EMS-XL is designed for the Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiologist.

This efficient and convenient solution is fully integrated with a built-in stimulator for complete monitoring, studying & documenting of all types of arrhythmias during electrophysiology procedures.

Available in 32 or 64 channel models, EMS-XL is technologically proven with a unique design that offers reliable, state of the art ICECG traces to fulfill the specific requirements of the EP lab.

The EMS XL has various ablators interface ability, and a connectivity to Mennen Medical’s  Horizon XVu, all allowing for the complete solution of the cardiac laboratory.

Features and Benefits

  • signal clarity
  • Built-in integrated stimulator
  • User-Friendly graphic interface
  • Customized configuration of waveform layout
  • Total full disclosure with archiving ability
  • Full playback capabilities
  • Multiple measuring calipers for real-time and review
  • Interface to multiple RF ablation generators
  • Easily upgradeable software
  • Snapshot included in final report
  • Final report processing
  • Off-line review station (optional)