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VitaLogik 5000 – Bedside Patient Monitor

The VitaLogik 5000 Series is a pre-configured multi-parameter mid-range bedside patient monitoring device specifically designed and configured to suit the needs of a wide range of the clinical needs in the intermediate and critical care areas. Its user-friendly graphic interface, which is consistent to all the VitaLogik models, provides simple and effective monitoring and data streamlining […]

VitaLogik 4000 – Compact Mobile Monitor

The VitaLogik 4000 Series is a compact transport pre-configured multi-parameter patient monitoring system with a 12.1″ flat screen display and a battery back-up that suits a wide range of patient applications for: Adults, Pediatrics & Neonates. The VitaLogik 4000 Series provides a solution for the whole hospital area with either a LAN or WLAN connectivity to […]

VitaLogik 6000 – Configured Patient Monitor

The VitaLogik 6000, is a pre-configured multi-parameter patient bedside monitor with a 15″ flat screen display and a battery back-up. The Monitor is suitable for a broad range of patient applications within the Critical Care Units and Operating Rooms or any area of the hospital that requires large display solutions and enables LAN or WLAN connectivity. The […]

CerebraLogik – Dual Channel EEG and aEEG

The CerebraLogik is a two or single channel dierential EEG amplifer that interfaces with VitaLogik & Menntor monitors. It has a clip for attachment to an infant basinet or patient bed. The CerebraLogik interface cable is connected to the UIM input of the VitaLogik & Menntor monitors, and can be activated via the UIM menu. […]

Menntor X7 – Modular Patient Monitor

Multi-Parameter Module (MX57) that supports the standard vital signs, and two plug in modules. The Menntor X7 software and menus are similar to the well known VitaLogik monitors, and it uses common central nurse station (Ensemble) and remote monitor (Enguard). The Multi-Parameter Module (MX57), can serve also as a transport monitor, and provides continuity of patient […]

The CerebraLogik: A New aEEG Monitoring Device

CerebraLogik Release: The first available aEEG monitoring device incorporated on a Monitor. The CerebraLogik was developed by top level engineers, scientists and programmers dedicated to addressing the changing and rapidly evolving needs of the market. It is an aEEG module which records real time EEG and a panel of 3 hours aEEG. The EEG and aEEG […]