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Mennen is exhibiting at MEDICA 2016.

Come visit us at hall 16 booth 4 !

November 14-17, Düsseldorf, Germany.

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CARMEL PRO – Mennen Medical’s New Integrated Embedded Platform

Replace several boards by just ONE single board and develop your own system including full vital signs parameters at low cost!!

board , power units, wireless, audio amplier, SD card interface, touch screen interface, and battery charger, together with vital sign acquisition functionalities; allowing to drastically reduce costs, space and hardware while simplifying and accelerating the development process. This novel technology, with extremely low power consumption, supports your own development (GUI and application) with a dedicated driver to support all platform features (Linux, QNX6, WinCE, etc.) and provides real time waveforms and numeric values of all patient vital signs required for high quality patient monitoring.

CIPAM – Configurable Isolated Physiological Acquisition Module

One of Mennen Medical’s most innovative developments is the CIPAM, a cutting edge high-quality technology. A total low power solution of hemodynamic system as an OEM board that provides host devices with all physiological signals required for patient monitoring. The CIPAM technology has been awarded by Frost & Sullivan as the European Patient Monitoring Technology Leadership.

HemoCis plus – Cardiology Information System

Enhancing Data Integration
The HemoCIS plus is a powerful database that is capable of storing a large volume of patient data. In addition, it provides easy, rapid and efficient data access to patient medical report system. The HemoCIS plus includes in a single system, many necessities of Cardiac Catheterization wards.
The HemoCIS plus with a server provides several bidirectional CONNECTIVITY capabilities. This system enables users to connect several Horizon XVu cardiac procedure rooms to:
• HIS ADT by HL7
• DICOM worklist
• Laboratory Information System (LIS)
• Interface to PACS
• Hospital Billing System
• Reporting by HL7 and XML

EMS-XL – Electrophysiology Monitoring System

Mennen Medical’s EMS-XL is excellently designed for the Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiologist. This efficient and convenient solution is fully integrated with a built-in stimulator for complete monitoring, studying & documenting of all types of arrhythmias during electrophysiology procedures. Available in 32 or 64 channel models, EMS-XL is technologically proven with a unique design that offers reliable, state of the art ICECG traces to fulfill the specific requirements of the EP lab.

Horizon XVu – Hemodynamic Monitoring

The XVu, embedded with a fast performance, an ultra modern user interface and exceptionally accurate analysis system, is designed for network connectivity and efficient workflow integration as part of Mennen Medical’s total IT solution. Combined with user-friendly windows and an intuitive graphic interface, the system enables various layouts to suit both cardiac and angiography procedures.

MenneNet – Connectivity Solutions

MenneNet, a comprehensive solution developed by Mennen Medical is a networked monitoring and information platform designed to address the increasing demand for integration and connectivity in today’s dynamic hospital environment. MenneNet is a tailor-made solution designed to address the specific needs of the medical professional and hospital administrator.

Ensemble CMS – Central Monitoring System

  • Bi-directional communication with MennMove bedside patient monitors
  • Dual-display monitoring
  • Up to 32 beds on each screen
  • Monitoring data statistic and analysis
  • User-friendly interface and optimized workflow
  • Calculation :Drug dose, Hemodynamic, Oxygenation, Renal function and Ventilation
  • Long term data storage